Ball joints

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Ball joints

Post by Paul » Sat May 21, 2022 10:46 am

One of the ball joints on my car is failing, and it's only been in 21 months.
I have been out and purchased a new one, after getting home I thought I am going to look inside the new joint.
I pulled the spring clip off and the rubber gator to find a small blob of grease no bigger than 13mm on one side of the ball joint. :(
There was no grease around the ball of the joint.
I then packed the joint with new grease and sealed it back up read to be fitted to the car. :D
This might explain why the one on the car has failed so quickly.
I am going to look at the old one when it’s off the car.

The story here make sure there is enough grease in the new joints before fitting them to the car

Ball joints, track rod ends and torsion bar drop down links!


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