GESY Beneficial Record - Test Results

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GESY Beneficial Record - Test Results

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Interesting that results of eg Laboratory Tests, X-Rays, MRI etc are posted onto the Beneficiary Record as soon as the report is issued.
An email is sent to the patient that the results are available.

Could cause some distress and/or unnecessary worry to patients if the result is anything other than normal until the person sees the doctor who requested the test.
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Re: GESY Beneficial Record - Test Results

Post by trevnhil »

I suppose it is up to the individual patient NOT to look up the results, and wait until they go and see the doctor.
I actually ask the testing people to email me the results as soon as they are available. And indeed up to now they have always done this. Blood tests I always have at the Iasis after some hit and miss efforts elsewhere.
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