TV Services - Please bear this in mind

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TV Services - Please bear this in mind

Post by Dominic »

Given the heightened awareness to various forms of TV services around at the moment, it is clear that they are currently undergoing some scrutiny.

If by chance, you happen to be using a service that the powers that be might frown upon, do bear in mind that by posting about it here, you are alerting the powers that be to it's existance, and thus making them more likely to want to take it down.

I would recommend staying quiet, unless you want to talk about a service you know to be 100% legit, like Cytavision.

I am not saying that I am going to censor anybody. I won't unless obvious spammers appear. However, it is in your own interests to recognise that what you post is viewable by anybody, and that, for now at least, they are watching.
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Re: TV Services - Please bear this in mind

Post by chatsworth »

I was thinking along the same lines, after I had posted the system I use !
I was also thinking that the standard of TV programmes in general in the UK is, in my opinion, pretty dire and that the police may be striking a blow for culture by denying access to them. Perhaps after a few days of internet radio, films and books people will not bother with the telly anymore.
Since I am a Leeds Utd supporter it will also save me the stress of watching them on Sky every other week or so.