Paphos municipality road works annoucement

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Paphos municipality road works annoucement

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Construction works start on Monday for the redevelopment of Theoskepastis Square and the surrounding roads in Kato Paphos. According to the municipality's announcement works are expected to last for the next three months until the end of January 2024. Roads affected include a section of Leda Street (from the Papantoniou...

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Re: Paphos municipality road works annoucement

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Well thanks for posting this info about more road works in Paphos.I liked the depiction of the road closed sign, of which I have come across several recently on various roads around Paphos.. Wouldn't it be nice if this was dne regularly to announce all their road works! On 2 occasions recently, I have rounded a corner to find in front of the car road closed.Thus getting no warning at all!

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