Well said that man...(Guy Verhofstadt)

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Well said that man...(Guy Verhofstadt)

Post by Happy in Cyprus » Fri Jun 28, 2019 1:16 am

If Boris Johnson came to our company for a job - of whatever description - he would be shown the door in under 10 minutes. Boris has zero credibility; is a liar and a cheat who simply tells those dumb enough to support him, whatever they want to hear. Does he ever - just for once - think through the ridiculous claims and promises he utters daily?

One letter writer to the Times newspaper observed: "With his anti-EU fictions, Johnson did more than anyone to foment civil war within the Tory party, which now seems to be the physical manifestation of his lazy, messed-up, fact-free, detail-lite mind. Therefore, he absolutely deserves to lead it. Whether the party survives him is another matter".

Whilst a goodly proportion of Conservative Party members are, once more, being suckered in by this comedic, boorish oaf, our European counterparts can thankfully see through his paper-thin veneer. If we thought May was bad (and she unquestionably was) consider the damage which Boris could wreak upon the UK in a very short space of time.

Boris Johnson's foreigner-bashing tying UK to no-deal Brexit, says Brussels
EU parliament’s representative Guy Verhofstadt attacks Tory frontrunner’s ‘false promises’

Daniel Boffey in Helsinki Thu 27 Jun 2019 19.43 BST First published on Thu 27 Jun 2019 14.35 BST

Brussels has sounded a warning that Boris Johnson’s familiar use of “false promises, pseudo-patriotism and foreigner-bashing” to win the keys to Downing Street is locking Britain into a no-deal Brexit.

In a withering attack on the Conservative leadership frontrunner, Guy Verhofstadt dismissed the idea that he could dump Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement, withhold payment of the UK’s £39bn divorce bill and still negotiate a free-trade deal in Brussels as a “myth”. And he said that, years after the referendum, Johnson was “a man who continues to dissemble, exaggerate and disinform”.

Verhofstadt’s assessment, which is shared by most European officials, is the most forceful European intervention so far into the Tories’ leadership election. In an article published by the Project Syndicate website and the Guardian, the former prime minister of Belgium concludes that Johnson and his rival, Jeremy Hunt, who also claims to be able to to renegotiate the Brexit deal, have “learned nothing whatsoever” from the last two years.

The EU has repeatedly said it will not renegotiate the agreement and that the UK will crash out unless the House of Commons ratifies the full package, including the protocol containing the Irish backstop for avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland.

But Johnson has said he believes that with “positive energy” he will be able to either persuade Brussels to ditch the backstop, which would otherwise keep the UK in a customs union until another border solution is found, or agree to a “standstill” in current relations through article 24 of the general agreement on tariffs and trade.

The latter claim has been described as “not true” by the international trade secretary, Liam Fox, among others. He pointed out article 24 requires EU agreement, which Brussels has said it will not give.

EU officials and diplomats close to the last two years of talks have looked on aghast at the hardening of Johnson’s positions around what they regard as unfeasible proposals.

Sources echoed Verhofstadt’s concerns on Thursday, saying that they feared an early visit to Brussels by Johnson, on becoming prime minister, could lock both sides into a no-deal Brexit.

Officials said it would be desirable for Johnson to instead tour the EU capitals in order to gain a sense of what might be realistic before seeking concessions.

One EU diplomat said there would be a natural desire to give a new prime minister a hearing but that there increasingly seemed little hope of reaching an accommodation.

“Is the withdrawal agreement really dead?” asked one. “It’s crazy.”

Jim B
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Re: Well said that man...(Guy Verhofstadt)

Post by Jim B » Fri Jun 28, 2019 7:24 am

I'm in total dispair that people of our once great country would vote a charlaton to be Prime Minister; we are a laughing stock.


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Re: Well said that man...(Guy Verhofstadt)

Post by Varky » Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:46 am

One thing puzzles me concerning TM's exit deal and that it was subject to ratification by all other EU members or the EU parliament(?), so if it wasn't accepted by one then the EU would be coming back to the negotiating table. So why are they refusing to renegotiate when the UK parliament rejects the deal. Just asking and not commenting on Brexit itself.

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Re: Well said that man...(Guy Verhofstadt)

Post by Dominic » Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:57 am

Well, it would normally be taken as read that if the UK team had accepted a deal then it would get through parliament, given that the UK team was controlled by the party in power. One would assume that the government would have to ok the deal in the first place, and the vote would in effect be a rubber stamp. The problem is that the government is in complete meltdown at the moment. Its MPs won't vote for their own plan.

When you are dealing with this level of stupidity, you can't just keep saying "ok go away and have another think about it", you have to draw the line somewhere.
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Re: Well said that man...(Guy Verhofstadt)

Post by Happy in Cyprus » Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:02 pm

Well, if Boris does somehow become PM, this news story, fresh off the presses should help Boris "negotiate" with leading EU member states...NOT :lol:

https://uk.news.yahoo.com/boris-johnson ... 00913.html

These words were uttered while he was still Foreign Secretary - unbelievable :shock:

This faux pas only matched by his immortal "F**k business" remark, when advised that major business leaders were concerned about the likely impact of a Hard Brexit on business.

The man's an imbecile...as well as a charlatan!
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Re: Well said that man...(Guy Verhofstadt)

Post by bromerzz » Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:21 pm

Crack on Boris.

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