Home Delivery Prescription Medication

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clive of payia
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Home Delivery Prescription Medication

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A long shot, this one. Does anyone know if there is a pharmaceutical company in the Paphos area that can deliver GESY prescribed medication to your home. Second wild request that will crunch the tablets up and put them in bags to take daily as prescribed by your doctor. It's not impossible, it's done in the UK.

The reason for the request is that having given up driving, 81 years young, reliant on others to collect from chemist. I know I can dream. Thanks.
Uncle D
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Re: Home Delivery Prescription Medication

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I have never heard of Pharmacy deliveries, but if you have used the same one for many years they may do this for you, you need to ask them.
As for crushing tablets, I think that some tablets are designed to dissolve slowly in your stomach/intestine so as to give slow release of the medication, crushing them would negate that and would dissolve too quickly
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