UK Imported Cars

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UK Imported Cars

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If your looking for a second hand car be very careful if it is a UK import!
I am changing my car and went to look at a car in Limassol it was a UK import.
The dealer gave me a photo copy of the Cyprus log book which has the VIN no on it.
For some reason I became concerned about this car and for good reason. :?:
I did a VIN number check and it turned out it had failed is UK MOT twice in 13 months for the same thing.
Bad ware on the passengers side tyre plus a failed ball joint.
4 months after the second fail it was involved in a accident and given a cat N write off notice.
The car was then shipped to Cyprus damaged and repaired here.
When I found this out I cancelled the deal and got my deposit back.
At NO time did the dealer tell me or point out the notice on the Cyprus log book about the fact it had been in an accident or that there was a write off notice on the car. :twisted:
I am now picking up a brand new car on Monday!
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Re: UK Imported Cars

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I suspect that a lot of imported cars are bought at car auctions where most of these crash damaged or troublesome cars are sold.
In saying that small time dealers in the UK do exactly the same, buy cheap clock them and do them up.
Second hand imports from Japan are a better bet as they have stricter laws on their cars.
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