Baggage size conundrum

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Re: Baggage size conundrum

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We've not used EJ since 2021, but before then we never had our bag checked for weight or size
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Re: Baggage size conundrum

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We travelled to UK with Easy Jet yesterday, people were being asked to fit their bag in the metal box if they could squeeze it in, i.e. if they had a soft beg that stretched to a bigger size but as it was not full they could squash it to a small enough size, then they were allowed to proceed, if the bag could not be forced into the box then they were being charged, I think it was 45 Euro per bag, we saw at least 5 people charged. Then they were rechecking at the gate in case people had checked in a suitcase but kept their hand baggage hidden, we saw at least 2 people charged at the gate.
We were lucky, I think we would often have been caught out but luckily last night we were OK.

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Re: Baggage size conundrum

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We flew Bristol to Spain 2 weeks ago. Check in online. Bag drop is self service. Before boarding the only esasyJet staff we saw was at the gate to check out passport
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Re: Baggage size conundrum

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I had to go to funeral in February. I took my wife's 20 ltr rucksack with me as I thought my 25 ltr would be too big for Ryan airs measurements.
I noticed that people who went through before me had rucksacks as big as my own 25ltr if not bigger go through without a problem. However those that had a ruck sack and another type of shoulder bag had to pay 70 euros, those with wheelies also if they had not paid the 25 euro fee for them to be put up in the luggage bins, those that had paid 25 euros got priority boarding, and it was great as the bins had plenty of space for me to put my rucksack instead of having it in front of my feet.
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Re: Baggage size conundrum

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Only airline we have had issues with is Wizz air, they take no prisoners , beware.
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