Ben Fogle's Lost Worlds - Cyprus

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Re: Ben Fogle's Lost Worlds - Cyprus

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I'm an expat. but don't frequent expat watering holes ( as you seem to do ), so maybe I'm not an idiot
and without the help of Google, I couldn't name the President of Cyprus, but I can
say good morning in the local language.
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Re: Ben Fogle's Lost Worlds - Cyprus

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Kili01 wrote: Fri Nov 18, 2022 2:28 pm Yes, its true that Greek Cypriots want a solution , but ONLY on their terms. Which as I understand it involve a return to the situation when the UN issued their resolution in a UN resolution based on the ceasefire lines circa 1974. From which they refuse to move forward.
Sorry but that simply is not correct at all.

There also hasn't been one suitable solution put forward as yet - regardless of what many think the Annan plan involved.

Whilst of course, as with anywhere, there will be vested interests, that's not the root cause of the failure to secure a solution that both sides can accept.

The Annan plan - even prior to the dozen last minute conditions that were added without the agreement of the GC side - was doomed to failure.

Of course those in the north voted to accept - they had little to lose and much to gain. In reality, those that suggest Cyprus would be in a better place now had the Annan plan been agreed, had perhaps not looked closely enough at all the terms. Indeed, such a complex plan was presented to the public with little time to digest the full consequences - perhaps in the hope that it would all just be agreed.

Yes, for sure a settlement is needed, but not at any cost.

Unfortunately, international interest in this protracted conflict is and has been waning for some time, especially so given recent events in Ukraine.

An increasing number of people will cross to the north to avail themselves of the lower prices without regard to why the prices are lower. No doubt
many will return and complain about greedy businesses in the south and low staff wages. The same people will have benefited from the extremely low wages and reduced restrictions in the north that enable the lower prices they enjoy. Hardly a mention of the rampant inflation in the north that the TC's who serve them have to struggle with on a daily basis. Of course there are fewer TC's in the north these days as a result of the decades old replacement with Turkish settlers - contrary to the Geneva Convention that also is never mentioned.

It's strange to see people vehemently opposed to the invasion of Ukraine by a dictator, whilst at the same time enjoying the fruits of an invasion by another dictator. Stranger still that the loudest voices against the increasing number of migrants in Cyprus, are financially supporting the establishment that enables and contributes to the vast majority of it.

Personally I don't believe the so called confidence building measures, such as opening more crossings, has done anything other than emboldened and benefit the north. It's about time the ROC did do something on it's own terms - close most of the crossing points if there is no attempt at achieving an equitable solution. The ROC's continued inaction, in the face of increased illegalities, is contributing to the acceptance of morally dubious status quo.


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Re: Ben Fogle's Lost Worlds - Cyprus

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If anyone is in any doubt about Turkeys real intentions, take a read of this article ... -cypriots/
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