Geocaching - Back in the UK

Share your adventures and tips on geocaching here. If you are new to the game, feel free to ask questions.
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Geocaching - Back in the UK

Post by 2QuarterPints » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:59 pm

Been back in the UK for just over a week now and I am still shivering and, needless to say, suffering from the obligatory post-flight cold!

Literally hundreds of caches within a 5 miles radius of where we live but, having started to look at them, we are are more than a bit disappointed by many of them as they are so easy. From our early experiences in Cyprus, where most "hints" are at least a little bit cryptic, most of them here seem to be of the "look under the brick at the foot of the 4th pole along" genre! Think we will have to start narrowing down our searches to higher difficulty ratings.

Back in Cyprus in early February, and if anyone wants some geocaching supplies bringing back, please PM. If they are not too bulky/heavy, we would be happy to help out.

Having persuaded Mrs G that we need a catchier geocaching Profile Name, we are now "2QuarterPints". Think about it.

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Re: Geocaching - Back in the UK

Post by Dominic » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:12 am

With hints it all depends on the cache. I like putting caches in remote locations. If somebody has gone to all the effort to reach the location, I think it a bit mean to only offer them a cryptic clue if they can't find it.

Personally, I think groundspeak should allow owners to specify two clues. Like a major and a minor spoiler. Then it would be up to the searcher.

But remember also, that nobody actually forces you to use the clues at all. You could always just not read them. :)
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