Foinikas Caches

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Foinikas Caches

Post by 2QuarterPints » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:35 pm

A really great location if you enjoy history and two caches to find - we only managed one of them though.

A note about our journey, to and from Foinikas, that may assist others, and which I hope adds value - hence my post here:

We approached Foinikas from Anarita and I did not think it was particularly difficult and, at this time of year, even a car could do it and we were in a 4x4. However, the steep tracks down the side of the hill to the river and reservoir in the valley was not ideal from Pauline's point of view!

When we left Foinikas, we decided to head out of the other side of the village towards Nata. As we came out of the village we had a choice of taking a track to the left (which we should have done) or to follow a very rough looking track, to the right, along the riverside. We went right and really should not have done. It soon became not much more than a narrow goat track, sloping at an angle of maybe 35 degrees towards the riverbed which was perhaps 20 feet below us, and the edge of the track was crumbling badly. Our vehicle was overlapping the track as it was, and no chance of turning around, so we had to keep going. 15 or 20 minutes of hair raising drive later, when even locking the car in 4 WD didn't really fill me with confidence, we managed to join the decent track we should have used in the first place. I have now been left in no doubt by Pauline that we will never go back to that location! ! Having said that, I think that now I know about the better track, which is in very good condition and an easy drive, I may persuade her otherwise.

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Re: Foinikas Caches

Post by Dominic » Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:54 pm

Take her back in the springtime. She won't believe how different it looks covered in yellow!
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