Not Renewing Cyprus Driving Licence

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clive of payia
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Not Renewing Cyprus Driving Licence

Post by clive of payia » Thu Jan 13, 2022 8:04 pm

Having reached the grand old age of nearly 80 I am giving up driving when my current Cypriot driver's licence expires in March. My question is, do you have to inform the relevant authorities that you are doing so, as a driving licence is an official govt. document? I believe in the UK you can be fined a thousand quid if you don't. Looked on the website can only find details on car registration. Thanks.

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Re: Not Renewing Cyprus Driving Licence

Post by Devil » Fri Jan 14, 2022 12:01 pm

I don't believe that it is necessary. What is necessary is informing the authorities when you take your car out of service. I don't think that it's a requirement around taking you out of service. :-) :-)

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